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Website Analysis & Audit

Is your website performing to its full potential? Our in-depth Website Analysis & Audit uncovers hidden issues impacting speed, SEO, and conversions.

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User Experience

Great UX boosts conversions! Smooth navigation & easy findability = happy visitors who convert. Our Site Audit optimizes your UX for maximum impact.


Inclusive design matters! Accessibility = wider audience, increased engagement. Our Site Audit ensures your site is accessible to all.


Don’t make visitors wait! Fast loading keeps them engaged and boosts SEO. Our Site Audit helps optimize your site for peak performance.


Get found, get clicked! Clear structure guides visitors & search engines. Our Site Audit helps you build a user-friendly foundation, which is vital for users, speed, SEO and others.

SEO Friendliness

Most websites struggle with hidden SEO errors. These errors hold back your ranking and traffic. Our Site Audit acts like a detective, uncovering and fixing these SEO issues to get you noticed.


Even a seemingly perfect website can have errors that frustrate users and damage your overall business. We ensure your website has minimal to no errors, upholding your business reputation.


Vidyut has been very helpful with me; he helped me to build my WordPress website. He does great work. He is very easy to understand and great to work with.

– Katrina Marie [from KmarieKitchen]

Vidyut is a really great guy to work with. Thanks a lot.

– Arosha []

The whole DeveloSquad team members are really helpful and creative. We worked with them, and it was a great decision.

– Jalkur Ghati Vikas Samiti Organization [Website:]

DeveloSquad has the perfect solution to create simple but awesome-looking websites. They worked on my niche website and made it look really perfect. Thanks

– Pallab [from]

Our Process & Offerings!


We can have a one-on-one discussion on things that you feel are wrong with your website and other important signs.

Report Card

We provide a dedicated report card that not only includes the errors but also how to fix them.

Fixing Things

If the errors are critical, we also offer you service to fix them up.