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Who We are & How To Work with Us!

If you’re looking for someone who can help your business online, while you focus on your business is tough. But, we are here to help you, here is more information about me and DeveloSquad.

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Hey, I’m Vidyut…

I’ve been working as a Web Specialist since 2017. If you’re looking for someone to hand over your business to success online, I’m here to help you!

I started as an SEO, and worked with many small and big companies, even on my sites. But, I found designing websites gives me happiness and energy. Thus, I shifted toward Website Design.

Throughout my journey, I found many issues on various websites, like slow speed, bad UI & UX, and the use of Heavy page builders which slow down websites both from frontend and backend. My goal is to fix all those problems and create better and beautiful and fast-loading websites for people to boost their businesses.

I work as a freelancer at DeveloSquad, where we assist Hotel Owners, Business Owners, Trek Operators and e-commerce businesses in building and managing their websites.

Having marketing knowledge on various fields I also handle the marketing work of DeveloSquad.

Beyond work, I enjoy trekking in the Himalayas, flying drones, mountain biking, and contributing to social projects. I’m always eager to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for business growth and making a positive impact.

Feel free to reach out or drop me a message at

Hey, I’m Bhuvi Uniyal…


1. Introduction

2. Estimation

3. Proposal & Contract

4. Project Kickoff

5. Prototype Design [Wireframes, UI & UX]

6. Finalizing the Design

7. Website Development

8. Testing & Launch

9. Aftercare


Vidyut has been very helpful with me; he helped me to build my WordPress website. He does great work. He is very easy to understand and great to work with.

– Katrina Marie [from KmarieKitchen]

Vidyut is a really great guy to work with. Thanks a lot.

– Arosha []

The whole DeveloSquad team members are really helpful and creative. We worked with them, and it was a great decision.

– Jalkur Ghati Vikas Samiti Organization [Website:]

DeveloSquad has the perfect solution to create simple but awesome-looking websites. They worked on my niche website and made it look really perfect. Thanks

– Pallab [from]


The timeline of a project depends on various factors like the number of pages, the complexity of the project, the functionality of the website, and more. After having the Introduction call and inspection we can estimate a timeline for you. The average time is about 3 weeks to – 7 weeks.

Again the cost depends on various factors (number of pages, complexity of the project, functionality of the website, and more). We do an estimation and send proposals to our clients.

Quality Service, Lightweight & Fast Loading Website, Great Customer Support.

Yes, while prototyping you can revise the design. In the future, if you want to make small changes we will do it absolutely for free, for big design changes we will have a small charge depending on the design.

We mostly design our website using WordPress and Gutenberg Block Builders like, GenerateBlock, Sectra, Kedance Block, etc. We also have expertise in Elementor and Wix to build websites.

Note: For prototyping, we use Figma & Canva.

Our payment terms are 50% before the project and 50% after the project.

To make it flexible for clients we have different communication methods like – Emails, WhatsApp, Zoom, and others.

If you don’t have a hosting to host your website, we can host your website on our secure Cloud Server. There are multiple benefits to hosting your site with us, one of them is that you will have fewer renewal charges as there are multiple clients with us.

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