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5 Reasons Why NGOs Must Have A Website

Vidyut Pal

NGO website

We have built many NGO websites and worked to make their organization found online easily and effectively. By doing so, we learned a lot of knowledge about NGOs and NGO websites.

Having a website for your NGO can build people’s trust and make your Organization more effective. Here are some reasons why you must consider having a website as an NGO owner.

1. Show the Impact & Inspire People

Websites and online are the best ways to reach out to people nowadays, it is an easy, cost-effective, and better solution. If your NGO has a website, and people just know the name of the NGO they can visit your website and learn more about you.

People can get every detail you want to show on your website, reading that information they will learn how your NGO is different than others and how it is impacting society.

They will get inspired, and take steps to support the cause your NGO is solving.

2. Attracts Potential Donors & Get Support

Having a website is a blessing as an NGO owner, because if people can learn about your website and like the cause they can make donations.

Not only that, it will be easy for the donors to easily get the banking information and send the donation that they want.

Note: As an NGO owner make sure you have a separate “Donation” page with all the essential banking information, to make your donors’ lives easy.

In that way, people can donate and support your NGO even without calling your Organization, as they are getting every small piece of information on your website directly.

3. Efficient Communication

On a website, you can feature all the information about your website. You can show your past works, present works, and plans; you can also answer questions people may have about your NGO.

Apart from these, you can also regularly update stories, blogs, events, and other important updates on your website.

All these things will help people to get their answers in one place. This will also save time for your NGO members because people will get answers without calling your helpline.

Note: An NGO must have a dedicated page of “FAQs” to answer all the questions people may have about the NGO, its cause, how it works, and others.

4. Credibility and Legitimacy

Do you know a lot of bad people nowadays make NGOs scam, cheat, and harm people?

So nowadays, people are also very sensible before engaging with an NGO. Thus, having a website and showing everything transparently on your website can show that you’re genuine and making a real impact.

We encourage NGO owners to have 100% transparency and show all the achievements, failures, goals, present works and more to be recognized as a credible and legit NGO.

Moreover, create important pages and disclose everything about your NGO, add funding stats, expenses, and a lot of other valuable things.

5. Volunteer Recruitment

A website helps NGOs attract volunteers by listing opportunities and providing information on how to get involved. It allows the organization to keep supporters engaged and informed through regular updates like newsletters, blog posts, and social media links.

This ongoing communication helps build a strong, active community around the NGO’s mission. So as an NGO, you must create a separate page as “Get Involved” and list all the opportunities you have.

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